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You’ll have to watch me struggle from several rooms away.

It was my birthday a few weeks back, has it been long enough that nobody expects me to organise anything? Yes? Good.

If anybody asks: I’m still 14.

Heck, after the amount of Yu-Gi-Oh I’ve been watching recently I’ve got to say, actual 14 year old me would be super proud of the fact that I generally dress like I’m on my way to duel Seto Kaiba.

Just as soon as my henchmen kidnap Mokuba.
While I’m willing to admit that the whole belt-phase and some of the sillier things my hair has experienced over the years were not uninspired by Kazuki Takahashi’s character designs; it’s been 10 years since I last watched this nonsense-
My eyeliner has a lot of explaining to do.
Or maybe I just shouldn’t keep that huge Yami Yugi poster in the same room as my make-up…?

It’s all in the impractically tight pants, friends. It’s all in the pants. Commit to the tight pants.
Sitting down is no longer an option.

[ E m B r A c E t H e P a N t S ]

Holy shit this is so off-topic, I'm sorry.
Why yes, my body is ready for The Dark Side of Dimensions, how could you tell?

But unfortunately the nuanced complexities of the affectionate interdependence fostered between the Kaiba brothers is not the point of today’s entry. As fascinating as their relationship* is.

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