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Keep on searching for an answer.

It was a genuinely harrowing experience, but I managed to brave the anxiety and take a peek at the university results when they were released earlier this week.

Somehow… I passed. Despite my fears, all subjects managed to remain above 80 for the year. No idea how the linguistics final was even legible at all, but maybe the teacher charged with grading it felt bad for what was clearly the incoherent ramblings of a dying man?

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Resistance is waning.

Spoke to the specialist surgeon regarding my dentist’s concerns and he does not think a biopsy is warranted at this point in time. For the moment I have a list of suspicious changes to keep an eye out for, and instructions to call him immediately if I notice any of them, but he suspects the most likely cause is a callus from repeated biting. To be fair, my dentist has been recommending a splint to relieve the biting for literally 10 years, it just so happens to cost $700 which I quite simply do not have.

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