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His mind is in a different place.

  Happy 2022. Somehow, I’m still alive.

The final leg of my Pregabalin tapering schedule was 25mg every second day, landing the final dose on Monday the 3rd of January.

In an unprecedented feat of emotional stability, of which I am inclined to accredit the overall lack of anti-convulsants:

The month of December was entirely devoid of inconsolable crying!

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You’re split and uneven.

So, like…
I’m not saying tapering off pregabalin has cured my depression…

Pills that straightup make you wanna die.
Pills that straightup make you wanna die.

But it is entirely within the realms of possibility that I may have been experiencing one or two Side Effects™.

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Brought to the daylight.

The coalition have kind of fucked up the whole vaccination rollout, leaving much of Australia back in lockdown purgatory with the vague hope of maybe, y’know, not dying from COVID-19 while we wait for vaccines which may or may not ever arrive thanks to a government who may or may not have lied about even ordering them in the first place- paired with a staunch refusal to invest in any form of on-shore manufacture (in any industry, that one’s not solely limited to life-saving medications).

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