No matter what you say, no matter what you do, I’m never going to judge you because I’m worse than you.

Things are happening.

Another page is down in the gallery. That’s 6 out of 11. We’re more than half way there!

So far the finished pages are: Anthropomorphic, Clothing/Costumes/Crafts, Cosplay/Photoshoots, Plushies/Custom Toys/Dolls, MaEmon’s Art, Guest Fanart, and I’m getting some serious flashbacks to 2010 (which was the last time I did a serious site overhaul and tore out the entire gallery).

As usual: let me know if you experience any troubles with the site! I’m doing my best but have never worked with JavaScript before and am dreadfully incompetent at the best of times.

One thing to point out real quick: on the gallery pages, if images don’t seem to be opening, wait for the page to complete loading and everything should work just fine. A neato line of code from my father has made it so links on the gallery pages will not function unless the JavaScript has loaded, otherwise they’d open in a new tab instead of the lightbox and that would make me a sad panda (if however, you are specifically wanting to open something in a new tab or window, then you can right-click on the thumbnail and hit ‘open link in new tab’ or whatever, you kids are smart like that).

. . . If any of that makes any sense at all.

We’ve passed the most difficult hurdle, because the rest of the pages are all drawing/painting type artworks, rather than photographs. Getting through the photographs has just been a task and a half. I don’t know how I manage to make it so difficult.

In any case, the next 5 pages should hopefully be up within the next month (assuming no hurdles crop up to prevent me from working on them).

Ran into a bit of a dilemma with the Cosplay/Photoshoots page (which I suppose was part of the reason why it took a bit longer than anticipated). How do I credit everybody since getting rid of the text descriptions? So rather than dividing each section by year alone, they’re divided by year first, then topic.

You can still toggle through an entire years worth of images, same as the other pages, but there is a title and credits at the beginning of each set. I may find a better method in the future, but for now this is functional.

If a photographer isn’t listed either on the piece or in the title section then it means that either somebody from the group took the photo (check the pictures, whoever from the group is missing from any given picture probably took it), self timer/webcam took the photo, or else it was taken at a convention wherein I handed my camera to a random stranger who’s name I did not obtain.

There are also some pictures for which I was the photographer. Guess I should apologise for those, eh?

I’m really hankering to get into some more physical textile work at the moment, so might take a few days break for some of that. This whole website thing is exhausting. Not long ago my father asked if I found myself staying up all night working on it. People might be inclined to say they’re working on something with “every waking hour” but the waking hours for any given day continue to increase. What even is a sense of time? (But I lacked that prior to this, so the question is irrelevant.)

There are people out there who might try to tell you that the Internet “gets boring” after a while and “can never really be a replacement for real life.” Those people either:

  • don’t know what they’re doing,
  • aren’t trying hard enough, or
  • are lying to you.

You know what I’m doing over here?
Because I don’t. It’s well past bedtime and my lucidity suffers for it.

No joke, the other night I dreamed about dogs, so when I got up in the morning I washed my hands right away. Because dogs are filthy. A full half hour passed prior to my realisation that the dogs never existed; so the thorough hand-washing probably wasn’t entirely warranted.

Next time we speak in this oddly one-sided exchange I promise there will be interesting works in progress to look at and maybe I’ll tell you a bit about the “Separation Anxiety” comic that may or may not be coming in July but you didn’t hear it from me because I’m not ready to talk about it just yet.