Never resting to question if I was out of my mind.

The cover for Separation Anxiety has gone up as a marker for the fact that this is officially a thing that is going to happen:

Separation Anxiety (comic) - cover
July, just as promised!

Regular updates will be on Thursdays and there will be one page posted per week (at least for the foreseeable future, at some point that may change) except for this week, because we get two (I’m generous like that)! The cover, which was posted earlier today, and the prologue cover, which will be posted on Thursday (4th of July).

Thursdays were selected as the update day because Thursday is my favourite day of the week. True story! Why are Thursdays my favourite day? That’s a bit of a personal question, please do not ask it again.

What did I mean last entry when I said it was “sort of” starting this week? I meant that the pages would be cover pages, rather than actual story pages. The first actual story page will be up next Thursday, the 11th. There will be a short prologue before jumping into the first chapter.

I really hope I can keep on top of this thing, even if it’s terrible, because damnit, I’ll regret it so much more if I never do it!

Thank you to everybody who has supported my terrible life choices over the years (or at the very least just not questioned them too much)! I really want to discuss the ins and outs of how glad I am that I decided to rebuild the website and how much I’ve learned over the past 8 or so months but that would likely get weird and boring really quickly so I guess now is probably a good time to go and do something a little more productive.

But not before pointing out the fact that the logo for the Ugg Boots store is a crudely drawn penis:

Freudian penisheep?!


Separation Anxiety