No one even knew it was really only you.

Small announcement:

Separation Anxiety will be sort of starting on Monday the 1st of July.

That is under a week away. What do I mean by sort of? Well, you’ll find that out in less than a week.

To be honest I’m running behind on what I was aiming to be up to, but running late and being behind is just kind of how I roll. We’ll see how far things get over the next few days. Regardless of what happens, pages will start going up next week. Because if I don’t? Then I’ll just end up putting it off again and we’ll be all the way back at square one. Let’s not move backwards here. Forwards is the direction in which we want to be going.

Day 22 of the porn meme is up and it’s probably the closest to actual porn I’m going to let this stupid project get:

Day 22
The prompt for 22 had something to do with “foreplay” but all I could get out of that was tickling, which is probably okay since I guess some people seem to find tickling intrinsically sexual anyway? Why do people find tickling sexual?! Probably because I need to stay away from the furries. Speaking of which, the bullshit porn meme can be found in some kind of actual context on my Fur Affinity page. Or without context, in the gallery here.

With it comes a slight re-design to Khye I’ve been tooling around with for a while. You can’t tell what it is? He looks exactly the same? Good. But seriously, it’s the scar on his chest. I’d been thinking about it for a while and have since decided that it should be bigger, extending a ways under his chest and a little onto his left arm. It has also taken out one of his nipples which I shouldn’t find as funny as I do but let’s face facts here and accept that my sense of humour is… awkward.

Speaking of being an awkward person who shouldn’t be allowed outside, I’ve been trying to get down on some alone time with the costume construction.

Productivity has been… minimal…

But I did draw up some ideas to make Prospit and Derse pyjamas, which will be legit pyjamas that I will wear to sleep because fuck you I’m a grown ass man who can wear half-assed Homestuck cosplay to bed if he wants to!

Homestuck - Derse and Prospit pyjamas

And draw gratuitously bromantic fanart too:

Gratuitous Bromance - sketch Gratuitous Bromance - colour
IDK, kind of feels like I made Dave Strider look more like David Caruso in the colour version… But fuck, it isn’t like that’s not a good thing. They both know how to rock the shades, am I right?!

… Yeah.

For real though, there is at least one costume I’ve been making discernible progress on (though, as usual, it’s been taking way longer than it realistically needs to):

Skirt is an unrelated project.
Oberscharführer Schrödinger

Schrödinger from Hellsing!

I am aiming to be wearing this to Manifest in August. Probably on the Saturday. Possibly even with a (smallish) group (in fact I wouldn’t wear it at all without at least one other Hellsing cosplayer because dressing like a Hitler-Youth in public out of context would be kind of a dickhead move).

A couple of mock-ups for a pouffey non-costume related skirt are also kicking around the mess room at the moment:

The magic of circles.

These are for a commission for a friend, who has been very patient with my intense flakiness this year and I am glad for that.

In general life news, last Friday was the winter solstice (shortest day/longest night of the year) and I had a special date with Tech Support in the city. We went to Gingerboy for delicious food and cocktails. I highly recommend going there if you’re ever in the area! Not the point.

Due to intentions toward said cocktails I opted for public transport rather than the car. Don’t drink and drive, kids. That’s irresponsible. I’m an adult. A mature and responsible one. Who likes cocktails. A lot.

When I stepped on the train and scanned the carriage for a suitably secluded seat I noticed a man in some kind of zentai/Morphsuit. Obviously the sort of thing my costume oriented brain approves of. Then I got a better look and realised he was wearing a business suit… with a white Morphsuit…

A friendly stranger even took a photo of me sitting with him.
Sorry the pics are blurry, I didn’t have my camera on hand and had to use the phone instead. Not ideal even when you’re not in a moving train. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

That’s right: I met Slenderman on the train last Friday. Naturally I made a huge awkward dork of myself and asked for photos. Luckily it turns out Slenderman is rather a good sport and more than willing to indulge socially inept nerds with their stupid photographic needs; until they retreat back to a safe distance because Slenderman is never not terrifying, especially at night.

That’s all for today.

Check back Monday for Separation Anxiety (comic) news.

Coming Monday July 1st
Coming in July