Why should I care about this? I’m not concerned with the things I miss.

Do you enjoy jewellery and body modification?

Have a bunch of hanging style earrings you love but can’t actually wear because they’re way too small a gauge to fit through the big stupid holes in your lobes?

Bitch, do I have answers for you!

Spider web earrings.
Spider web earrings.

Get yourself some pliers and earrings of choice.

Use the pliers to gently remove the earring portion from the charm.

Remove the earring portion.
Gently remove the earring portion with the pliers.

Slip the charm onto a captive-bead style ring (or seamless segment ring if that’s how you roll, don’t let ass-hats like me dictate your life for you).

Slip the charm onto a ring.
Slip the charm onto a captive-bead ring.

Then thread the ring through a tunnel! Personal preference will dictate if you put the ball to the front or back (or use a different style of ring altogether).

Slip the ring through a tunnel.
Slip the ring through a tunnel and fasten.

Many different charms can be threaded on and off the rings, so now there is much more variety to adorn your ears with!

Such variety.
Except stud style jewellery. You’re on your own there. My ears are way too huge and weird and were never able to comfortably wear studs so I never owned many- and of those I did have, actively appreciated the aesthetics of even fewer.

Pr0 tip:

As well as ring style (bead, segment, etc.) you may also like to play around with rings of differing gauge and diameter to see what works best for you (personally I find 14g/1.2mm or 16g/1.6mm at a 12mm diameter works best, 1.6mm or smaller is thin enough to slip most charms on and off easily- though I probably wouldn’t go smaller than 1mm as, depending on weight, it may not be strong enough to securely hold the charm- and 12mm diameter rings fit comfortably through a tunnel without either touching my lobes or hanging down so low that the charms become entangled with other jewellery or clothing. Though I am also partial the the huge diameter captive bead rings, sans additional charms, threaded through tunnels “look” as their own thing).

You’re welcome.