You move in circles hoping no one’s gonna find out.

In all honesty I genuinely have no idea why Tcch Support indulges my trips to Aldi supermarket when it’s a known fact that I legitimately should have a lifetime ban from going within 500 metres of the place.


Aldi airbrush kit.
This. This bullshit right here is why.

Sometimes I don’t eat for days at a time because the idea of spending money on food is distressing, but an airbrush compressor? That feels okay. Necessary even.

Priorities, my friends. They mean nothing to me.

The going excuse is that it’ll be handy for costumes and DiY projects, though Tech Support still felt a need to explicitly state that I am not allowed to paint the cats.

Cats or no, there hasn’t been much of a chance to play with it yet; any form of spray paint seems like more of an outside activity, so with limited space and shelter I’ll need to wait for the weather to dry up some first.

Not to mention the gross chunky cold I’ve had going on recently. Being out of doors has even less appeal than usual when everything is pain and sinus congestion.

A more inside-appropriate task of misled creativity was filling and patching the duct-tape bust MaEmon helped me with a while back.

The blindfold makes it art.
Silver duct-tape with red and black electrical tape details, mounted on a cardboard base.

Now he can function as a bizarre ornament, hat-stand, and troubling conversation piece for guests when not in use as a costume-headpiece-construction-base. An added bonus in becoming a display piece is that he’s now entirely less horrifying as I’ve become accustomed to passing my own head and shoulders on a shelf every day. Which also means I’m now fully aware of how bad my posture is. Like… wow, can I just claim to have done a poor job stuffing and patching the thing? Or does that not work when I’m literally the only one with any real delusions regarding the quality of my posture?

Tech Support constantly hassles me to sit up straight and suggests stretching exercises which might help, but what would a Star Wars obsessed office worker know about ergonomics?!

More than me, friends. More than me.

Dude legit owns a tauntaun.
Ergonomic sensibilities are probably required for optimum tauntaun riding posture, so I really ought to take his lectures more seriously.

What I know about is mostly limited to clothing, so when the aforementioned Star Wars obsessed office worker recently celebrated his birthday I whipped up some Star Wars print pyjama trousers as a gift.

Fuckin' nerd pants.
Special thanks to Von Chibi for the Star Wars print flannel, he loves it.

They’re made from printed flannel, grey windcheater fleece, and blue ribbed fleece. There are 5 patch pockets (3 on the front, two on the back), they feature a dropped-crotch design, aesthetic cord tie at the centre front, and elastic waistband for comfort. He can pull them up to his nipples should he feel so inclined. In fact he has on at least one occasion; alas, my camera was not on hand at the time.

Probably a good thing, eh?