Am I safe today, when I step outside in the wars we wage?

Apparently, October the 11th is National Coming Out Day.

Friends and strangers alike have been sharing their stories across social media and I’d just like to extend a big thumbs up to everybody who has been in a position to do so.

It is a fine line between self-preservation and cowardice.
Thankyou for helping it to feel less isolated in here.

If only it really were as straight forward as stepping out from a closet? Things are often more convoluted than the binary options presented at face value. Still, it’s pretty cozy in here without all the internalised self-loathing that used to clutter it up.

Perhaps one day I too will have the confidence to discuss my personal situation more openly. Not that it’s a secret, it never has been. More that I am not great at communicating and have extraneous circumstances to consider.

For those in their respective closets: please try to stay safe. Your business is your own and whether or not you ever openly come out to anybody should be on your own terms.

In my case it is simply a matter of coincidence; frustrated by the current Australian political climate, specifically the Turnbull government’s wishes to have the public vote in a plebiscite for Marriage Equality, I’d been toying with the idea of taking closet photographs for a while. Because really, let’s have the majority vote on a minority issue that genuinely does not affect them in any way shape or form. What could possibly go wrong? Not to mention the money wasted on campaigns for something which isn’t even binding. Vote in our plebiscite and maybe we will consider the issue. Until then, please enjoy the half of a campaign which aims to tell you that you do not deserve basic human rights and the inevitable rise in hate crimes which historically tend to accompany these sorts of “healthy debates”.

One day maybe none of this nonsense will even be necessary?

But that day is not today.