You can’t be free because I’m selfish, I’m obscene.

Happy Valentine’s day!

Go seduce yourselves some meme-lords with this unreasonably high quality card I made:

manhandle me
“I want you to manhandle me like how Sportacus manhandles Robbie Rotten!” ;D

Several months ago I sent a prototype of this to Tech Support to gauge potential reactions. He hasn’t made eye-contact with me since, so it was deemed a success and polished into the masterpiece depicted above as an extra special gift for the Co-Pilot.

But what kind of a sadistic monster would I be to not make a blank version (or several) available to the world?

Alternately, if being manhandled isn’t your thing, try this one on for size:

hanmandle you
“I want to manhandle you like how Sportacus Manhandles Robbie Rotten!” ;D

As Sportacus would say: Ýöú’r̥é wæl̥cøm̥ë!