Across the ages we have reigned as we endured.

All blog entries have been updated, so links and images should be back in proper functioning order. Please let me know if you encounter any issues.

Other recent updates include removal of delayed image loading from both the blog and comic as it was being temperamental. Image loading times just weren’t enough of an issue to warrant arguing with it.

Speaking of images; being an old man I tend toward height and width properties. Apparently this causes some funny business when viewing the blog and comic on mobile devices where width automatically resizes to fit the viewport, but doesn’t maintain dimensions, so heights remain fixed, causing the images to look stretched. (Seems to be a WordPress specific issue, as the main site is unaffected.) An easy way to avoid this would be by removing the sizes, but it is unreasonably distressing to me when text moves to accommodate images during page loading, so it just isn’t an option to not assign sizes.

The layout of the Asylum has been adjusted some, nothing major; made the scroll box a little bigger, removed all the obsolete <center> tags, and fixed up some messy business I’d done with the paragraphs. Not sure if the paragraph issue had been a quick-fix at the time or if I’d genuinely thought it was sufficient? Probably a combination of the two, there’s some vague recollection of frustration in there, though admittedly not enough for any tangible form of memory.

Also, not that “Small Ambiguous Child in Ill-Fitting Suit” isn’t still a strong look for me, but the ID photo on the about page has been updated:

Schöner Junge.
Still can’t find a shirt that fits though.

It’d felt overdue for a while, not just because my handle for taking a decent selfie has improved, but it also seemed kind of misleading to be using such a subdued image- what with the neutral wig and complete lack of visible piercings or makeup. Emo-Trash-Vampire is a far more accurate representation of my usual aesthetic.

Besides, Tech Support had been telling me to “please do something about that hideous bowl-cut” since New Year and being an antagonistic brat, the “something” I opted to do was dye it bright fucking pink. Obviously this is a personal best in the realm of Bad Hair Choices™ and must be recorded for future reference.

Apparently it’d been long enough that I’d forgotten what a pain in the ass it is to lighten dark hair. No chemical burns this time though!

Lightening dark hair more like releasing the ginger.
Directions, kids, follow them. That includes the allergy tests.

Along with the new photo for the Asylum, my furry ass whipped up a matching illustration for the about section on the Separation Anxiety site.

complete progress
Embracing the pink bowl-cut even as a cartoon you fucking furry.

A little bit of maintenance still needs to be done over at SA since it was down for so long, but hopefully I can scrape enough motivation together to start uploading pages again this year.


No promises.

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Until next time.