Trust me because I know the options.

Things have been a little bit spotty around here for the past month or so. Due to a change in circumstances I’ve moved servers again. Loading times have taken a hit since we’re not in Australia anymore, but on a purely personal level I just really hate Jeff Bezos as an individual and it seemed fundamentally wrong to continue utilizing AWS as a direct result of this deeply subjective vendetta.*

That and I wanted full unsupervised access to things I will definitely break. Being an adult is utterly destroying something and having nobody to blame but yourself, after all.

Notable changes since the move:

stay safe
  • SSL has been implemented. While not entirely necessary for this hot nonsense, I’d been noticing social media sites blocking links if they weren’t secure, so figured it wouldn’t hurt.
  • Pulled down the comic. As stated last entry, it’s been on hiatus indefinitely for some years and I just don’t know if I’ll ever be in a place to resurrect it.
  • Images and links in the blog might be a little broken while I set about the last manual uploads and redirections, please bear with me for the time being.
  • Freelancing and commission work are no longer things I do. Please continue to help yourself to the print ready cosplay graphics in my Google Drive, or ask any questions you may have about my projects. I am always a slut for helping people.

These days my job is objectively less interesting but a lot more consistent, and that kind of stability is something my life has probably been needing. Though I would like to start working from a place that is not inside a house, so if you happen to know of any available jobs a socially incompetent potato can do, feel free to hit a spud up.
If you’re a potential employer… uh… please ignore this entire website while simultaneously acknowledging my ongoing dedication to building and maintaining it over the past 15 years. Thanks.

Speaking of; I’ve adjusted the navigation menus so they display horizontally on mobile rather than vertically. It just looks a bit nicer, less scrolling.

TCA mobile display

The gallery has also had a bit of work done so the images are centred on mobile, rather than floating to the left how they do on a desktop screen.

mobile vs. desktop
Mobile vs. Desktop.

Gallery images open without any drama, something that, so far, hasn’t required a whole lot of work on my part. Which is nice. The auto rotation between horizontal and vertical display seems to sort itself out without much fanfare too.

gallery images
Gallery image display.


Lastly, while I still haven’t figured out a “lazy-loading” technique that fits my needs, I have toggled the gallery to populate with a placeholder while the images load. It isn’t perfect by any means, but if something’s worth doing then it’s worth doing badly then coming back to fix later, am I right lads?!

Because that, my friends, is how we learn.

*Ultimately I remain as much a slave to capitalism as everybody else and as such will continue to use other Amazon products in the future. All hail the corporate overlords.