I don’t need a reason.

Not dead yet, despite my best efforts.

Halfway through the second semester of uni, did nothing during the mid-term break due mainly to the rage-fueled fatigue of living under capitalism. It was stock-take at work that week you see, and despite having my availability quite clearly marked as UNAVAILABLE on Mondays, or the fact that I have no legal obligation to accept shifts outside of my contracted hours, they rostered me on for a 7am start that Monday without bothering to, you know, mention it to me. Luckily I checked the roster- which I usually don’t on account of the contract meaning my hours are always the same- and warned the others because: surprise! I’m not the only one they don’t respect enough to bother communicating with.

Took some days off for my birthday and father’s day but was too stressed and exhausted to do anything. Staying awake for somewhere in the vicinity of 72 hours fueled by caffeine and hatred might’ve had something to do with that but, you know, self-preservation has never been the priority here.

Been trying to play Stray in my down-time. Not to be old on main, but remember when you could just… buy a game and then it was yours and you could just like, play it? Feeling nostalgic for that.
Trying to play Stray was such a process. First the PS4 had to update for like an hour, then I had to figure out how to even buy the game, wait for the download, wait for the subsequent updates and fall asleep instead, finally get time to play it a week later except it has to update again I’m just. So tired. First-world problems, I guess.

Have made some progress in it now, but I do need to emphasize that, despite many people saying it is a casual and relaxing game, the cat can die. Those chase sequences paired with my hands being the way they are means the cat dies quite a lot, actually. It’s usually my cue to go to bed, when my hands stop. It’s not like I can’t play videogames anymore, it’s just different now. But still, I miss being able to play them the way I used to.

Some kind of grieving process going on there, I suppose.