With all your subtext and fantasy.

  COVID-19 got me, lads. It finally got me.

COVID-19 positive RAT.
The fatigue and chest pain are so real right now.

Given my track record with mononucleosis and shingles, I’m also facing down the very real possibility that I may never make a full recovery from this. But I’ve been managing fatigue for well over a decade at this point, so I’m basically a professional at long-term illness.

Took close to two weeks off work and was in bed for 3 full days with a fever. But if you offered me a COVID in exchange for never having to set foot in my workplace again? It wouldn’t even be a question, COVID was an absolute ride compared with that unhinged nightmare. Fingers crossed the chest pains turn out to be a heart attack so I can die instead of go back there I’m not even kidding death is always an option and one that becomes more tempting with every passing day at this point.

Not to, you know, be dramatic on main or anything.

Uni is finished for the year. At the very least everything got handed in, now it’s just time to wait for results. Taking the time off work gave me a chance to finish my final assessments but I’m pretty sure you can pinpoint the exact moment I got sick in one of them, RIP to whoever gets the honour of grading that mess.

Been drawing again in my own time, trying to remember what it’s like to have creative hobbies in spite of my hands.

There’s a new season of an animation that I enjoy too, so I’ve been re-watching it from the beginning to get reacquainted. There were two seasons while I was on pregabalin so re-watching those was almost like seeing them for the first time except that I remembered crying during the finale of one of them. In my defence, I spent a lot of time crying while taking pregabalin- is what I would like to tell you. Unfortunately for me the soundtrack and colour theory had absolutely no right to go as hard as they did and I cried again because they really fucking did that, huh?

No, I will not be divulging what it was, that’s between me and my Ao3 search history thank you very much.

Maybe once enough time has passed to be funny instead of raw shame and embarrassment. Like my on-again off-again fixation with Yu-Gi-Oh! ask me about that one instead, it’s just a core aspect of my personality and therefore impossible to be embarrassing at this point.