What do you think is the new thing?

Great news, everyone:
The casual intimacy of sitting slightly too close to another human has cured my depression enough to update the gallery for the first time in about three years!

Well, either that or being back on iron supplements means my brain isn’t deprived of oxygen any more so I’ve stopped being insane? Seems unlikely though.

Last week I took a winter subject at uni and had the actual best time. It was kind of a close call, my car died the week before and public transit is… Not Good™ but since it was only 5 days my family banded together to fucking. Drive me to school like an adequately supervised child. Not that I don’t already have a complex about being unable to reliably care for myself, but at least I’m still leaving the house willingly.

The university timetable has winter rostered in for 6 weeks, where a normal semester is 12. So naturally I’d assumed it’d be twice as much content per week.


No idea how the other winter subjects work, but we had a full 12 weeks crammed into 5 days, yes I did the maths, no it doesn’t add up. Having so much all at once weirdly made it impossible for me to overthink and get stressed like I usually do, shit just had to get done. At break-neck speed no less.

Peas get degrees bay-bey!

The teacher was an absolute delight and honour to learn from. Hopefully she teaches later units of the subject because I do intend on continuing with it in the future.

But also, my classmates were the perfect combination of bizarre and unhinged? It’s not that I have any difficulty getting along with people; I’m just an introvert with reclusive tendencies. It isn’t often that I’ll immediately pack-bond with a bunch of strangers but, hey, there we all were anyway. Will we ever see each other again? Who the fuck knows, but it was a positively deranged experience to share lunch breaks and message with them all in the group chat.

Being in retail did some real damage that I’m not exactly reluctant to admit, and I don’t really know how to phrase the concept I’m attempting to express here? But it’s nice to have genuine human connections without the ever looming threat of capitalism in your peripheral vision.

  • Can I call you friend without it being transactional?
  • Can I observe without it being isolating?

The dead campus in the middle of winter was a kind of liminal space and I’m glad, for however brief a moment, we got to experience that together.

Not me feeling melancholy about the transience of time.