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Dress me, I’m your mannequin.

It is a delight to inform you that the recent MAD Fashion Showcase went well! Extra special thanks going out to:

  • Von Chibi for offering me the opportunity to display some of her amazing work!
  • Cherry Pie Millinery as much for her breathtaking headpieces as for her ability to fasten one to my hair (or rather, lack thereof).
  • Emily Rose and her assistant for working their stunning hair and make-up magic.
  • The St. Kilda town hall for hosting the event.
  • The many hours of hard work put in by staff, volunteers, photographers, artists, designers, and performers who came together ensure the event could run as smoothly as possible.
  • Not to mention the support of the many attendees!

Team Chibi & Cherry
CJ, Hannah, Dayle | Cherry Pie Millinery & Von Chibi | Annie, myself | photographer – Tech Support

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