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Would you sell yourself for fame?

Last weekend’s Fetish Expo went well. Or, at least, the fashion segment did, much of my day was spent between hair, makeup and dressing, leaving very little time to explore the rest of the event until after that modelling business was all wrapped up- by which time many of the vendors were beginning to pack their wares away. So I can’t really comment on the rest of the event. At least… not without a good deal of lies and embellishment.

A sad turn of events indeed, being that I’d spent the preceeding week loudly proclaiming the vast quantity of dicks I was planning on purchasing, only to return home empty handed.

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Setting fire to the sky.

On an overcast afternoon in January a group of about eight students, two assistants, two models, and one teacher took over a quiet local park for a costume photography workshop hosted by local friend and photographer Neil Creek.

Being that I’d managed to get Oberon’s trousers finished prior to the class it seemed like as good a time as any to field test them, albeit with a stronger goat flavouring.

Maria Bastin - Goat
| Photograph by Maria Bastin |

The goat was modelling alongside Asuna Yuuki of Sword Art Online (beautifully portrayed by the talented Ayuri Cosplay).

Maria Bastin - Goat & Asuna Yuuki
| Photograph by Maria Bastin | Sword Art Online – Asuna Yuuki by Ayuri Cosplay |

Fantasy costumes lent themselves well to the setting, and the two different styles gave the students plenty to work with.

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Dress me, I’m your mannequin.

It is a delight to inform you that the recent MAD Fashion Showcase went well! Extra special thanks going out to:

  • Von Chibi for offering me the opportunity to display some of her amazing work!
  • Cherry Pie Millinery as much for her breathtaking headpieces as for her ability to fasten one to my hair (or rather, lack thereof).
  • Emily Rose and her assistant for working their stunning hair and make-up magic.
  • The St. Kilda town hall for hosting the event.
  • The many hours of hard work put in by staff, volunteers, photographers, artists, designers, and performers who came together ensure the event could run as smoothly as possible.
  • Not to mention the support of the many attendees!

Team Chibi & Cherry
CJ, Hannah, Dayle | Cherry Pie Millinery & Von Chibi | Annie, myself | photographer – Tech Support

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