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How many stitches do you think it takes to fix a cut that bad?

Feels like it’s been a while, yeah?

There are a few costume projects I’d like to post some updates about but… they’re currently at awkward in-between phases and I just don’t feel like there’s enough material to warrant an entire blog entry, you know? It’d just feel all kinds of half-baked. But not in the delicious cake-batter sort of a way.

So instead of neglecting this place any further, lets talk about the fact that I finally finished that awful “30 days” meme I started last August. If the time passed has been 15 months then I guess that puts it to an average of two images per month. Longest 30 days ever.

If you want to complete it for yourself, then you can find the full list over on Fur Affinity: Korth’s 30 days of porn artist challenge.

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