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A mechanical thing.

  Congratulations on surviving another year. It’s a little ways into 2024 now and things are more or less alright so far.

When the university reopened for the year I got in contact with the study abroad team regarding enrollment, as aside from confirmation that the application was received, I have not heard back from the exchange partner as of yet and was uncertain if I needed to cut my losses and enroll at the home university. However, I’ve since been informed that I should expect a formal response early next month so do not need to stress myself out about it just yet.

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You want to know? Know that it doesn’t hurt me.

Hello friends.

We recently talked about the Asylum being one year and ten years, which got me looking for any backups left around, even going so far as to try my luck with the Wayback Machine; while there were some snapshots of one of the early versions of the site, all of the images (and many of the links) were unfortunately broken.

Remembering the Asylum was used as a part of my interview folio for tertiary education upon finishing highschool, I had a search for the disk, without much luck. With so many books it may have been tucked into, paired with the fact I’ve moved house since then- it may have been straight up thrown out, or still be somewhere in my parents’ house- for the time being it feels like a lost cause.

Father is disappoint with my inability to reliably maintain such important historical records.

All said and done, I was able to locate a copy of the most recent version prior to the domain change:

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