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The first time I opened my mouth to speak, steam escaped to the air.

With all the recent discussion on the Asylum’s history, you know what I’ve never even made a failed attempt at cataloguing? The blog. Not once.

The habit (or lack there of) likely stems from the early days, when the blog software I was utilising had absolutely no security, so if spam-bots began adding comments to an entry, I’d just delete it. Initially it was a matter of deleting the comments only, but keeping up became tiresome and I sure am lazy.

Considering the highly personal nature of my online activities back in the day, removing that old mess is something which likely would have eventuated anyhow.

Not that we aren’t about to get super up-close and personal here right now! Please, sit down comfortably and pay attention to the rambling tales of my mundane everyday goings-on!

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