With all the changes you’ve been through, it seems the stranger’s always you.

So, uh… Somebody paid for my brunch on Sunday and I have no idea who it was? Was it somebody I know? Or who knows Tech Support (since you paid his too)? Presumably if you’re an acquaintance you’d have said “hi” so maybe it was just one of those Random Acts Of Kindness people sometimes do? Then again, it was 11am on a Sunday and I’m not saying that my sleeping habits are Entirely Fucked™ but even on a good day I tend not to recognise people out of context so maybe you did try to say hi?
If so: I am very sorry for ignoring you.

In any case, I am still very confused, nonetheless, thank you.

Of course, being very confused is my natural state of existence, so.

The comic [ Separation Anxiety ] is back up not that it hasn’t been on indefinite hiatus since 2014 anyway and in functioning order. Only took far closer to a year than I’m willing to admit!

If you encountered a bit of down-time on any (or all) of the sites over the past week or so, well. Fussing around with that hot mess was the likely culprit.

Please feel free to let me know if anything seems more broken than it probably should be in the mean time.

On a related note; when did the HTML <center> tag become obsolete?! Yes it was cheap and sloppy but I was using that! How dare!

Shout out to the long-suffering Tech Support, who gets the unenviable task of acting as my on-call help, a role which includes requirements such as: trying in vain to explain things to me while I desperately attempt to visualise said explanations as intersecting polygons in varying shades of green.
…Shit like this is exactly why I can’t actually follow conversations, isn’t it?

Due to reasons I probably don’t fully understand the URLs for blog and comic have both changed ever so slightly. Things might need a refresh to get them working properly. This is because of the way the multisite feature works and I’m not going to try explaining it because it’s just going to be a lot of intersecting green rectangles without any context.

Sure, the old addresses could be redirected to the new ones, but will they?
(A: No. No they will not.)
Tech-Support has a Real Job™ and my prodding at servers directly privileges have been revoked. No idea why, I am great with computers. Says the guy who sits his espresso glass directly on the keyboard of an overheating laptop in order to keep his beverage warm.

A lot of images in the earlier blog entries are still broken, please bear with me, I’ll get onto rectifying that over time. Due to the change in URL it’s not as straightforward as simply dropping them in folders this time around since all the file pathways are different now.

No, I don’t have to do this manually.
Yes, there are ways of redirecting paths.
However, it is imperative to note that asking another human being for help physically pains me so I’m just. I’m fixing all the links manually and questioning how I, also a human being, a member of a species whose success is largely based on complex social interactions, could become so gloriously maladjusted as to prefer weeks in isolation on a single repetitive task than just asking another human being to provide a faster and more straight-forward solution which exists and is readily available.

Keeping in mind that the human I’d be asking has been harbouring me in their house for the past seven odd years. Also keeping in mind that this person caught me enthusiastically making conversation with a huntsman spider at two o’clock in the morning. Then continued allowing both me and the spider to live inside their home.

The spider is named Toby Spuds II, in memory of Toby Spuds the First (R.I.P. taken from us too soon) who took up residence in my workspace during October of 2015.

Victorian Huntsman Spider | Sparassidae | Isopedella Victorialis

T.S.II is a gentle and photogenic friend who sat low enough on the wall for me to take some handy comparison pictures.

A leggy friend.
Toby Spuds II has a legspan around 8-10cm.

Low enough on the wall one evening, that I stayed up all night because the cats also noticed how low on the wall he was and I refused to let things end the in the same tragic manner as his predecessor.

Australian Huntsman Spider
Toby Spuds II lived to see another impromptu photo shoot.

This is only like… the third huntsman I’ve had in the past seven years.

The first was a tiny baby, in March of 2015, which could easily have fit on my thumbnail and you have no idea how proud I am of managing to snap a pic of the less-than-pint-sized little bugger because if you think the adults are fast god damn do I have news for you my pal!

The comically disproportionate leg-hairs though.
Huntsman spiders really put the “pal” in palps.

I control the huntsmen.

I control your fear.