Tried hard to correct it, but nothing was effective.

Hi, uh… what the fuck is going on?

Not that I casually disappeared from the blog for, assuming I read the date on that last entry correctly, 6 entire months or anything, but in my defence the country was on fire and now there’s a pandemic.

Full disclosure though, it turns out pandemic lockdown is my ideal lifestyle:

  • Everybody has to go home and wash their nasty little hands.
  • Nobody is allowed to touch me.
  • Kicky post-apocalyptic looks encourage others to maintain a minimum 1.5 metre distance of awed respect.

Do you ever think about how your childhood self would feel about yourself as an adult?

“Hey kid, I’m you from the future. Guess who’s going to be a transsexual* post-apocalyptic courier subverting capitalism by delivering basic medical necessities to strangers free of charge? I’ll give you a hint: It’s you. You are.”
Then we slap high fives.

Admittedly the fiction of it is rather more thrilling than the reality.

pandemic courier
Wearing facemasks because every time somebody is offended by the concept of taking other people’s health into consideration it adds +5 years to my life expectancy.

Early in February I was able to begin HRT.
Medical transition had been on the agenda for… a while, and I found myself at a point where things just kind of aligned themselves so, in the face of what appears to be the whole world falling apart around us? I’m finally letting me have this one.

“This one” being a buttcheek full of steroids every 3 months for the rest of my life, I guess?

It’s been a positive to (attempt to) focus on amidst the reality that being a retail NPC is exhausting on a good day, while being a reluctantly “essential” worker during a pandemic is a tier of hell I’d previously been blissfully unaware of.

Shout out to everybody contending with the public on a daily basis as we face down the sobering reality that human lives are expendable and the economy will not mourn our deaths.

Honestly can’t wait for COVID-19 to take me the fuck out if it means not hearing yet another: “Why is the store so crowded when everybody’s supposed to be in lockdown?”
As a hostage of capitalism I am strongly discouraged from answering that question honestly.

But thank you nevertheless for refusing the available online resources and instead ascribing a monetary value of $11(AUD) to human lives. What an honour it is to be a casualty for your convenience, I love being a statistic of corporate gluttony.

*A dated term by current standards, but child-me was a big fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, he’ll know what’s up even if I’m no Tim Curry.