Sick and tired of waking up.

Shortly before this latest round of lockdowns, on one of my days off, I slept until 4pm, ate one (1) potato, drank 3 cups of coffee, then stayed up until 4am playing 3DS and texting my penpals before heading off for a full day of work at 8:30am because the sleep deprivation makes me feel so alive.

Klavier Gavin, Ace Attorney IV
For what it’s worth, I’ve thrown myself back into Ace Attorney hell. Somebody needs to tell Klavier this isn’t a dating sim, but rest assured that person is not going to be me.

Being in lockdown reminds me that my body desperately wants to be nocturnal and I’ve been feeling almost relaxed this week. Following a more agreeable schedule without the constant looming threat of human interaction? Positively decadent.

The broken sleep schedule resulting from perpetually increasing workplace anxiety had recently led to my sleepwalking resurfacing.
It doesn’t happen often, and hadn’t for some time; usually it’s more annoying than anything- not being a particularly deep sleeper I don’t tend to get far before waking myself up.

Cue my surprise upon waking in the kitchen at 3am, Pyrex jug in hand, fresh cold water poured all over the benches- even more surprising? Not one drop of it had spilled onto the floor! Meanwhile awake-me can’t even get a drink of water without spilling it on literally everything.
Being mainly focused around the coffee machines I suspect asleep-me was in the process of, what he wrongfully assumed to be, preparing espresso.

Regardless, it really felt like more of a 9am problem, so I left the clean up until after getting some tangible amount of sleep.