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Am I fading in light?

Recently I have been able to obtain a little toaster fellow who is not actually a toaster at all but a USB sort of device into which hard disks may be plugged for external ease of access.

Little toaster fellow.

It took a bit of fussing around; firstly in figuring out how to even get the hard disks out of the dead ASUS at all, they were   T H O R O U G H L Y   bolted in there. Then the regular sort of incompetency I tend to be faced with where one (1) disk was accessible no problem, but the other (more important, of course) was not accessible at all.

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As it was before, it will be no more. Time does that.

Last week a combination of modern technology and general curiosity managed to get the better of me after many years of my straight up refusal to comply.

Keeping in mind that when I say “modern technology” I’m referring to something two years behind current standards, and that when I say “get the better of me” I mean that Tech Support wasn’t having any of my usual shenanigans and sat me down to explain exactly how a smartphone works (just the one, mind you).

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