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A habitually nervous reaction.

It seems, despite the genuinely suspicious quantity of condiments lining my pockets, I have made it back to Australia relatively unscathed* after spending the better portion of August in Japan.

I caught one of these in Animal Crossing.
“How is the weather there?” My father had asked.
“Cicadas.” Was my response.

Why on earth did I agree to cross the equator during August? That’s rhetorical, by the way; 35°C days with 95% humidity and a spot of mild typhoon toward the end there. Natural disasters are one thing but heat and I do not agree. Next time let’s shoot for February.

The Helpercats survived my absence (thanks to my parents for keeping an eye on them); though admittedly Claude screamed for 12 straight hours when we got back- only stopping due to the loss of her voice, while Hobes actively attepted to incapacitate me via concussion with the ferocity of his smooches.

Claude forgave my absence upon the realisation that luggage is comfortable for sits.

It is good to be home.
It was good to not be home.
It was, in many ways, frightening, to spend an entire month in direct contact with another human being, even if it was with the one I’ve been living with for the past six years, who already knows too much anyway. Though surprisingly, it was only quite recently that he genuinely managed to shame one of my hobbies.

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Feel the eyes of someone looking in on you.

The saga continues.

New servers do not function the same way as the previous servers, nor do I personally have direct access to their inner workings (which is arguably a smart choice, given my track record). Just how different could one server be from another?

Please don’t answer that, really, I wouldn’t understand anyhow, explaining it would be a waste of both our time.

Long story short, there will be more down-time for the blog at an undetermined point in the future because it turns out WordPress legitimately does, in fact, want to fight me. Mainly due to a miscommunication on my part with the long-suffering individual who does have direct access to the servers, over what exactly it is that I do over here.

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