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Would you sell yourself for fame?

Last weekend’s Fetish Expo went well. Or, at least, the fashion segment did, much of my day was spent between hair, makeup and dressing, leaving very little time to explore the rest of the event until after that modelling business was all wrapped up- by which time many of the vendors were beginning to pack their wares away. So I can’t really comment on the rest of the event. At least… not without a good deal of lies and embellishment.

A sad turn of events indeed, being that I’d spent the preceeding week loudly proclaiming the vast quantity of dicks I was planning on purchasing, only to return home empty handed.

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Your picture perfect vanity.

Greetings friends, fiends, furs and foes!

Cherry Pie Millinery - preview selfie
Preview-selfie from last week’s rehearsal.

On Saturday the 24th of September I will be stepping out of the closet to join Von Chibi Designs and Cherry Pie Millinery once again, this time at the Fitzroy Town Hall for the fashion show during OzKinkFest’s 2016 Fetish Expo.

The doors will be open from 12noon with tickets costing around $25 each.

It all looks set to be a kinky day, so if you’re in Melbourne, over the age of 18, and into that sort of thing, maybe come check it out?

Or don’t, it’s really not up to me. You do you. Safe, sane, and consensual, my friends! Safe, sane, and consensual.

Mostly I just want to buy me some dicks.

Wait, what?