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Leaving us to ourselves but not exactly alone.

No time to unwind after returning home from the brief holiday last week, I had 3 days of work to catch up on, weekend plans to rearrange, and a convention to prepare costumes for.

Last year was the final Manifest. It felt sudden to me, but who knows how long the staff had been considering shutting it down? At this point though, that’s all old news. Many attendees of Manifest had speculated that perhaps something else would kick off to fill the void.

This was not an incorrect speculation to make.

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Leaving a trail of destruction is both easier and more effective when the ultimate goal is not disclosed.

About a month ago it was my co-pilot’s birthday and I had this grand plan of putting together a Rockfort Prison shirt based on Resident Evil’s Steve Burnside for her because, well, we’ve been talking about it for ages without actively doing anything about it…

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