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I know what I am (and I’m your villain).

Time to finish this months overdue trilogy of trouble. Why has it taken so long? Well friends, you see, I have zero time management skills and even less motivation!

To recap: this heinously outdated write-up concerns the Odlaw costume I revisited last New Year for a Where’s Wally? themed party.

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Because I won’t give up without a fight.

Despite developing shingles on top of my regularly scheduled December meltdown, my barely functional ass sat itself down having decided it was as good a time as any to make a real actual attempt at learning to crochet properly despite all previous yarn-craft efforts being catastrophic failures.

Crochet fail.
The previous failure being crocheted directly into the next as some kind of fucked up hat-based Ouroboros.

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It is not belief when there’s nothing there to trust.

Let’s talk costumes, let’s discuss how my Hermann Gottlieb of Pacific Rim has been undergoing some degree of alteration since his last outing, in the form of an updated ID badge (which has already been discussed in some depth), new shirt, and even new glasses.

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Leaving a trail of destruction is both easier and more effective when the ultimate goal is not disclosed.

About a month ago it was my co-pilot’s birthday and I had this grand plan of putting together a Rockfort Prison shirt based on Resident Evil’s Steve Burnside for her because, well, we’ve been talking about it for ages without actively doing anything about it…

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All I’ve got is what you didn’t take.

Next month is October. At the end of October is Halloween. If there’s one pseudo-holiday I get needlessly excited for, it’s Halloween.

As a child I never got particularly excited for it. If I recall correctly we went trick-or-treating maybe two or three times, but it just isn’t a terribly big event in Australia (despite the marketing attempts of many stores; but I don’t know, maybe times have changed since I was a kid).

Personally I think it’s kind of a shame, coming from a family that regularly celebrated mid-winter along with Christmas and Easter, that one of the seasonal holidays was more or less left out (and also a little confusing that everything is seasonally backwards in Australia; seriously, fertility in autumn and death in spring? Come on, guys).

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What nature has neglected the fruit of modern science shall provide.

My favourite store in the world is Daiso.

Daiso is a Japanese chain of ¥100 stores (about $2.80 in AUD, apparently) which I adore due to all the obscenely cute shit they sell.

Let’s not be coy; I do adore most- if not all- dollar stores. Truthfully the really junky ones are often the most fun. The fascination is similar with opp-shops. What can I say? I love hoarding random shit that I have no logical use for under the vague pretence of sourcing costume supplies.

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Take this pill, the doctor’s standing by.

The final gallery page, Synthetic Soul Corp. went up last week! The Asylum is now at a place which we can call, for better or for worse, “complete”.

Deepest apologies to those with a slow connection or utilising mobile devices, there are quite a lot of images on some of the gallery pages (Soul Corp. in particular has twice as many images as any of the other pages), as such, loading times can be a bit of a pain. In the future lazy loading is a thing that might happen, but for the time being I’m kind of burned out and will be taking a break to work on costumes and Separation Anxiety (which is looking good for release next month).

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Have you ever wondered who you’re losing it for?

Three more pages have been finished in the gallery, they are: Fashion (which reminded me how much I hate moodboards- almost as much as I hate Fridays, though back then it was probably even worse because I was actively having to work on them and Fridays may have even been a relief), Other/Uncategorised (which kind of draws attention to the fact that I was experiencing some sort of existential crisis between the years of ’02-’05), and Winged Dogs (featuring my oldest and least consistent characters).

This leaves us with just one unfinished page to go! I am hoping to have it all done and uploaded early next week.

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