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In the cold I stood.

Greetings chums!

This is make-up, not real blood.
Casually bleeding from the face is genuinely a strong look for me.

Do you enjoy zombies? Comedy? Silly short films? Well, wouldn’t you know, it was the middle of winter and my mother was all like “Hey small child, wanna go out to a freezing cold forest in the middle of the night? My cinema colleagues are making a film because people who work in cinemas enjoy making films as much as they enjoy watching them and also they need more zombies. Dad is making spaghetti for dinner.”*
And I was all “Fuck yeah I want spaghetti!” So off we trek’d in the middle of the night in the middle of winter to go be zombies in the middle of a forest and afterwards I got spaghetti for dinner despite my hands being entirely too cold to adequately hold a fork.

Point is, the film which was filmed that night, along with behind the scenes footage, is now complete and viewable on the good old YouTube so… enjoy? Or don’t?

You’re your own person.

*Not her exact words.

Take me out in one fell swoop, knock me out cold.

Christmas was some weeks ago now, but I’m feeling a couple of things are worth discussing, so why not wrap it all up together with a New Year update that should probably be two entries but I feel a lot like both have been put off for too long and would prefer to just get it all out of the way at once?


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