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Spider webs of steel and stone subdivide our given home.

Every few months I make a point to go through the closet and sort through all of my clothing. As somebody with limited space, little self-control, a constant stream of costumes, and a penchant for opp-shops- it is a necessity, lest I drown myself in garments.

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Take me out in one fell swoop, knock me out cold.

Christmas was some weeks ago now, but I’m feeling a couple of things are worth discussing, so why not wrap it all up together with a New Year update that should probably be two entries but I feel a lot like both have been put off for too long and would prefer to just get it all out of the way at once?


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Isolate and save you from yourself.

We are getting closer and closer to that time of the year where it is no longer so much this year as it is next year… or perhaps that this year has become last year… you follow?

Well, people like to attach ritual to these things and from where I’m standing there sure as heck isn’t anything wrong with that.

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