Setting fire to our insides for fun.

In case anybody missed it, Separation Anxiety resumed a regular weekly update schedule at the beginning of January.

SA(c) ch1 p12

All the necessary website maintenance I’d been putting off for months was completed in record time without issue. Seriously, it was unnerving.

However, I may be switching to a fortnightly update schedule for the rest of summer for two main reasons:

  1. Summer turns me into a glutinous slug. A glutinous dehydrated slug that spends a lot of time vomiting and having nosebleeds. Sometimes at the same time.
  2. My RSI has flared up quite badly over the past couple of weeks and may require medical intervention this time.

So… just a heads up on that.

In other news, the list of reasons why I am banned from society and require constant supervision continues to increase. As it turns out, just because certain types of hotsauce look a lot like blood, that does not mean it is a good idea to smear said hotsauce all over your face and/or arms.

But it looked so fucking rad I swear to whatever gods you believe in and even several you don’t.