Let’s get unprofessional.

For the first time in my life I am undergoing actual medical treatment for anxiety. Please forgive me if I come across as super stoked or uncharacteristically enthusiastic for the next couple of weeks, motivation hit me like a truck as a seemingly direct result and I don’t know where it is going!

Cholecalciferol, sertraline, and caffeine.
Breakfast, the Rothschild way.

Perhaps some degree of inspiration was taken from Rothschild’s pill-popping ways? Wow, what a healthy role-model!

Speaking of, I’ve gotten my hands on some more brightly coloured syringes and Hello Kitty dust-masks from Daiso for the aforementioned prescription-junkie.

Even some bandaids and a matching pill box.
Roths isn’t really a big Hello Kitty fan, just has a misled notion that soft colours and stylised felines will help soothe the patients nerves as they watch, fully conscious, while their abdomen is gleefully sliced and drawn.

Roths is so important for validating my poorly considered purchases. Like, do I really need another lab coat? No, of course not, I’ve got like 4 already. Even if it is a really sweet Welcome to Night Vale lab-coat.

But Roths sure does!

A scientist is always fine.
Spectrum brand WtNV lab-coat, XS size, from TopatoCo because my hand slipped when ordering a Glow Cloud T-shirt for my father. With Tech Support’s credit card because I’ve been so broke these holidays I can barely afford to feed myself but would rather new lab-coats than food anyhow, so…

Did I really need to ask the family for an automatic blood-pressure monitor? What use for such a device do I realistically have?

More to the point…

What use does Roths have for such a device?!

Omron sphygmomanometer
None. Roths can’t read. It was a trick question. But Roths still absolutely needs a manual one and a stethoscope as well.

Essy and Roths have even secured themselves rooms in my copy of Tomodachi Life on Nintendo 3DS:

Tomodachi Life is crack don't play it.
MaEmon even helped to write some songs for them to sing together.

It is very tempting to set Roths as my default Mii on 3DS.

So clean. So pure. So casually homicidal.


In an enthusiastic bout of misled Roths-esque scientific curiosity I was spontaneously overcome with an inescapable urge to violently dissect one of the recently deceased used coffee capsules from the Expressi machine, for research purposes…

Well, what did you expect?
It’s coffee. They’re full of coffee grind.

What exactly I expected to find in there is still unclear.