Even if we can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you.

Halloween came and went. There wasn’t much of a celebration on my end, didn’t even make the annual Melbourne Zombie Shuffle (opting instead to check out a local festival), the only notable task being an optometrist appointment, which wasn’t so much “spooky” as it was “six months overdue”.

Guess who needs two pairs of glasses because they said no to bifocals?

Probably gonna be legally blind in one eye by the time I'm 30.
This guy. This guy right here.

Apparently my good eye is no longer compensating for the bad one where distance is concerned.
Actually I take back what I said about it not being spooky, my lack of depth perception is downright terrifying.

Aside from the new spectacles, October found me embarking on an “inktober” drawing challenge, where one picture was drawn each day of the month- much to the delight of my RSI. It could’ve ended disastrously, considering the last “30 day” drawing challenge I took lasted 15 months, but keeping it simple with ink-based traditional mediums and enforcing an A4 size limit, somehow the full 31 days were successfully achieved!

So, without further ado:

Inktober 2015:

Day 01: Steven Universe – Peridot

It started with gel pens for Peridot, because I binge-watched Steven Universe and accidentally fell in love with her. Or am her. Maybe both.

Narkaniis Rex
Day 02: Narkaniis Rex

Next was a ballpoint scribble of Narkaniis, one of my many anthropomorphic winged canines.

Seto & Mokuba Kaiba
Day 03: Yu-Gi-Oh! – Seto & Mokuba Kaiba

After Nark it was time for my favourite pair of interdependent brothers. Because Mokuba is a precious cinnamon bun and should be protected at all costs.

Eyeliner aesthetic: ready to duel.
Eyeliner aesthetic: ready to duel.

Also maybe because I’m not done shoving as much Yu-Gi-Oh media into my face as is humanly possible.

What’s not to love?
They solve all of the worlds problems by playing what is essentially a bastardised version of Magic the Gathering.
And somehow it works?!

Maybe because everybody dresses like discount bondage slaves? Seriously, I came for Yugi’s hair and I stayed for Kaiba’s legs. The character designs are fucking flawless. You could base your entire thesis on Seto Kaiba’s fabulous trench-coat collection.

But right now is probably not an appropriate time for that.

DJ Pon-3
Day 04: My Little Pony – DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch

Number four had the gel pens back out for my favourite fourth generation MLP… who’s tail I may or may not have initially forgotten and hastily added in later.

The Penguin
Day 05: Gotham – Oswald “The Penguin” Cobblepot

A combination of felt tipped markers and ballpoint pens for day five’s Penguin.

Sol & Khye
Day 06: Sol & Khye

Six was ballpoint pens and Tria markers for Khye and his favourite delinquent feline brat.

Day 07: Team Fortress 2: RED Team Medic & Archimedes

On day 7 I got out the gel pens, fineliners, and Promarkers in order to reluctantly accept that I couldn’t draw pigeons for shit.

Day 08: Sheia

Ballpoint pens and felt tipped markers had Sheia following up on Narkaniis for the occasion.

Plantains are never not relevant to my interests.
Day 09: [ R e C h A r G e B a N a N a ]

Self explanatory, really.

Day 10: Mhakus Varanidae

Felt tipped pens and markers for my most fashionable reptile.

Sigmund Wagner
Day 11: Dr. Sigmund Wagner

Ballpoint pens for my least fashionable primate.

Owen Wright
Day 12: Maggot Boy – Owen Wright

Varying degrees of pens and markers for this precious undead murder babby.

Pharaoh Hound
Day 13: Pharaoh Hound

Listen, buddy, I shouldn’t have to tell you how important Pharaoh hound ears are.

Day 14: Huntsman Spider

A confused huntsman spider, because I think about them a lot.

Growing up in a forest they were everywhere, or at least they seemed to like it behind the posters my room was plastered with. In hindsight it seems kind of obvious that a spider adapted for living beneath the bark on trees would feel perfectly at home tucked up behind a battered Starfox poster enthusiastically torn from a magazine.

Baby Huntsman
This little one’s leg-span was barely 5cm, a baby as far as Australian huntsmen are concerned.

Generally I’d keep 3-5 huntsman spiders at any given moment, and by “keep” I mean: “it was too much effort to keep putting them outside and eventually the indifference led to genuine affection.”

Since moving to a more residential area they don’t invite themselves in quite as much and I miss them.

One must have heard I’d been sad when I looked up the other night to find this little friend (pictured) sitting nonchalantly just below the ceiling above my primary desk. Then it rained for two days.

Huntsman spiders are not fond of the rain, so you may notice them finding their way inside more frequently just before a downpour. They don’t mean to startle you, they just want to keep dry.

Day 15: Homestuck – Karkat Vantas and Dave Strider

Because I’m Davekat trash 5ever. Fight me.

Day 16: Animal Crossing – Brewster

Seriously though, don’t drink the pigeon milk.

Ludwig von Koopa
Day 17: Super Mario – Ludwig von Koopa

Colourful ballpoint pens for my favourite of Nintendo’s 7 Koopaling siblings.

Alfred Phisch
Day 18: Professor Alfred J. Phisch

That one fish with aspirations of world domination. You know the one.

Day 19: Pokémon – Mewtwo

In all honesty I haven’t really kept up to date with Pokémon since the first generation, but boy did 11yr old me have an unhealthy obsession with Mewtwo!

Self Portrait References were used.
Day 20: Self Portrait

An attempt was made at a self portrait. Evidently, I have no idea what I look like.

Marty McFly
Day 21: Back to the Future – Marty McFly

21/10/2015 happened to be Back to the Future day, it would have felt disrespectful not to acknowledge the occasion.

Commander Keen
Day 22: Commander Keen – Billy Blaze

This was a fanart heavy challenge. All my favourite characters were invited. Not all of them could attend, but, that’s just how it is.

Day 23: The Strain – Vaun

Felt tipped pens and markers for my favourite strigoi, Vaun.

Hands up if you’d climb him like a tree? Keep your hands up if you actually know what that even means?! Seriously, I’m asking.

Lane Rees
Day 24: Lainey

Straight up permanent markers on 220 GSM paper.

Catty Noir
Day 25: Monster High – Catty Noir

Is it true Lady Gaga signed a deal with Mattel for Monster High? Because that appeals to so many of my interests I don’t even know where to begin.

Day 26: Goldfish

Not saying I accidentally spilled a coffee on this one… Then again, I’m not saying I didn’t either.

Kaiba Brothers
Day 27: Yu-Gi-Oh! – Kaiba Brothers

Well, I was in a brotherly mood after a coffee date with my No.1 Brother, so even though these two assholes already turned up on day 3, they got to come back for seconds.

Sol Wagner
Day 28: Solaris “Sol” Wagner

Shirts are for chumps.

Sigmund & Sol
Day 29: Sigmund & Sol Wagner

Father and son in ballpoint pen.

Ayanami Rei
Day 30: Evangelion – Ayanami Rei

Felt tipped pens and markers for the First Child.

Headless Puppy
Day 31: Headless Puppy

Finally, for Halloween, the confronting yet benign headless puppy from that one emotionally devastating dream I had eight years ago but still haven’t fully recovered from. Because dreams are bizarre and horrific and above all: inspiring.

Then again, I never was particularly committed to reality.