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Even if we can’t find heaven, I’ll walk through hell with you.

Halloween came and went. There wasn’t much of a celebration on my end, didn’t even make the annual Melbourne Zombie Shuffle (opting instead to check out a local festival), the only notable task being an optometrist appointment, which wasn’t so much “spooky” as it was “six months overdue”.

Guess who needs two pairs of glasses because they said no to bifocals?

Probably gonna be legally blind in one eye by the time I'm 30.
This guy. This guy right here.

Apparently my good eye is no longer compensating for the bad one where distance is concerned.
Actually I take back what I said about it not being spooky, my lack of depth perception is downright terrifying.

Aside from the new spectacles, October found me embarking on an “inktober” drawing challenge, where one picture was drawn each day of the month- much to the delight of my RSI. It could’ve ended disastrously, considering the last “30 day” drawing challenge I took lasted 15 months, but keeping it simple with ink-based traditional mediums and enforcing an A4 size limit, somehow the full 31 days were successfully achieved!

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Come take my pulse, the pace is like a runaway train.

Costume progress.

After some thought on the matter I decided to slip a couple of (very small) shoulder-pads into the Junior Warrant Officer Schrödinger shirt.

They are hand-stitched in place.

Some people have strong opinions on shoulder-pads, saying that they should not be used if you are feminine or have poor posture because all they really do is end up drawing attention to the fact, but if that were true then only male body-builders would ever bother getting a nicely tailored suit.

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