Let’s start living dangerously.

Please bear with me, the Asylum has experienced some down time recently as we are in the process of moving to new servers and it has been a ripe clusterfuck. Never underestimate my incompetence, friends.

Shout out to my long-suffering techsupport who managed to stick with me even after realising that I have no idea what DNS means. Domain Name Server, kids, remember that for me. I’ve been doing this for 10 years, trust me I am a professional.

Best. Impulse purchase. Ever.

Blog images are mostly broken while I get my shit together, sorry about that, should be back some time over the weekend. Maybe.

Separation Anxiety is down until I’m finished restoring the blog. But theoretically by the time I get to it I’ll have figured out what I’m actually doing over here and it won’t take nearly as long. Probably.

The main site is functioning beautifully, thank you for noticing. Gallery pages should be more responsive thanks to our more local residence- unless you’re outside of Australia. Then again, Australian web speeds are a piss trickle compared with global averages so maybe it all evens out in the end?

Lazy loading in the gallery? No, I don’t recall ever having suggested such a thing, you must have me confused with somebody more competent.

As a consolation for any inconvenience, please accept this GIF of a 2002 Mattel Yu-Gi-Oh Seto Kaiba 6″ action figure who slaps himself in the thigh for reasons I have never been able to determine (pictured above). Shit never gets old.

Actually he’s lived on my desks for about as long as I’ve been building shitty websites, it’s high time to share this baffling joy with the world.

Happy 3rd and also 12th to my No.1 exercise in procrastination!

Update 09/May:
Blog images were successfully restored over the weekend. Thankfully all the relevant folders were accounted for and it was simply a matter of dropping the images into the right ones (there was some worry they’d have to be re-inserted manually through the WP interface, which would’ve been tedious to say the least). SA-C should hopefully be done by the end of the week (if you stumble across a broken image or two before then that’ll be because it’s hosted on the SA-C site). Theoretically I know what I’m doing this time.

Update 18/May:
HAHAHAHAHA why do I keep telling you these lies?