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I know what I am (and I’m your villain).

Time to finish this months overdue trilogy of trouble. Why has it taken so long? Well friends, you see, I have zero time management skills and even less motivation!

To recap: this heinously outdated write-up concerns the Odlaw costume I revisited last New Year for a Where’s Wally? themed party.

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Time flies, make a statement, strike a pose.

You know whose trousers were finished in time for a photo shoot at the beginning of the year?


Though Oberon himself hasn’t been out in full even now, some… almost a year later. The Goat was the one who debuted his trousers, for the aforementioned photo shoot, in January, which was discussed here, during April (your feeble human concepts of linear time mean nothing to me).

Ignoring the specifics, it really has been a year. Oberon was last year’s New Year costume and I’m only typing this entry halfway through constructing this year’s project.

This year's end of year project.
But more on that hot mess later. And by “later” I may or may not mean “this time next year” (assuming I live that long).

Can you believe there was a time when I’d write down everything every single day? That was 10 years ago. Motivation? Never heard of it.

Now, in December, it might actually be time to explain the construction of that whole Oberon mess in a little more detail.

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No sympathy for one another and nowhere left to go.

In less than one week I can go from disgraced-junkie-surgeon to faun prince…

Rothschild VS. Mei
Not that I can’t go from Karkat Vantas to Dave Strider in a matter of hours, but my only social interactions on that particular day involved cats and being alone with the webcam.

It’s that exploration of identity through costume yet again. Plus it’s going to be year of the goat soon so let’s keep thinking those Capra thoughts.

Too bad there’s no “year of the medical malpractice” eh?

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Spider webs of steel and stone subdivide our given home.

Every few months I make a point to go through the closet and sort through all of my clothing. As somebody with limited space, little self-control, a constant stream of costumes, and a penchant for opp-shops- it is a necessity, lest I drown myself in garments.

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I’ve lost control- I don’t want it back.

It’s that time of year again. That is, the time where I settle in for aestivation and pretend adult responsibilities don’t exist.

Me avoiding my responsibilities.

Sorry for the general absence. In particular I apologise for not updating the comic since… August? There are pages in progress, this is merely a case of neglect rather than all out abandonment, and I do intend on having at least one more up before the end of the year. If my intentions even hold any real value at all.

Things have actually been quite good recently (outside of the usual anxiety and heat-exhaustion this time of year brings; perhaps I should move to the northern hemisphere? If Christmas and summer didn’t coincide my coping mechanisms may not be stretched quite so thin). Or at least busy, which is why some things have been neglected; there is only so much time in any given day.

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It is not belief when there’s nothing there to trust.

Let’s talk costumes, let’s discuss how my Hermann Gottlieb of Pacific Rim has been undergoing some degree of alteration since his last outing, in the form of an updated ID badge (which has already been discussed in some depth), new shirt, and even new glasses.

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Get back in line.

Just a quick note today:

The past couple of weeks have been spent going through all the digital work I’ve put together over the years for costume projects; cleaning up some of the older ones and getting them all organised to share in a public Google Drive.

It is finally ready to be unveiled and can be found over here.

The images are all 300dpi .png, full colour and ready to print. They consist mostly of placement prints, logos and labels for clothing and uniforms, along with a few stickers, badges and character identification cards for good measure.
I don’t know if people ever print images directly from the Asylum or my dA or whatever, but nothing I upload around the place ever exceeds 72dpi so the printed quality would leave something to be desired in that situation.

A lot of work went into them and occasionally people ask about using certain pieces so… have at it, kids! Putting them all together in the drive saves a bit of time; help yourselves rather than waiting on emails.

Items on the drive will be progressively added to and updated as necessary.

It’d be nice to be credited if you use them, though I don’t ask for any compensation as they were mostly copied down from existing sources and are not really my designs. Just a lot of love and effort that only ever gets used a handful of times, so it’s really nice to think somebody else might get some sort of enjoyment from the fruits of this ridiculous hobby.

Or don’t.

Round all the pieces up, but they just don’t fit the same.

So… about that whole other level of incompetency I’m known to experience when faced with any sort of construction pertaining to gloves…

Some months ago there was a costume party. It was briefly mentioned during the entry about hider-jewellery. Nothing to do with gloves, as my costume of choice did not involve gloves, right?


This is not about me.

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