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This time I’m not leaving without you.

Right now I am in recovery from an uncharacteristically busy weekend.

  • Friday was boring but productive, I spent the day cleaning all the things, wrapping presents and making beautiful artworks for Tech Support. These tasks were directly related to preparations for his birthday which was on Saturday.
  • When Tech Support got home on Friday he asked me a lot of bizarre questions which made little to no sense to me at the time.
  • Saturday was Tech Support’s birthday. He is old now. So old. I spammed his Facebook with beautiful artwork and took him out for lunch to Little Ramen Bar (it was very nice, especially the spicy bamboo shoots).
  • On the way home from lunch Tech Support made me detour to a place which seemed to relate to the questions he’d been asking the previous day. I was made to wait in the car for a few minutes and he returned with a suspicious envelope. He wouldn’t tell me what was inside. Naturally I assumed it contained illicit drugs.

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