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The devil’s on your back, but I know you can shake him off.

It isn’t exactly a secret that I’ve been wanting to rework my Commander Keen costume after busting him out for PAX Aus 2013 for the first time since 2011- and as of the recent Melbourne Zombie Shuffle, this has clearly been a successful endeavour.

Hanged Commander Keen.
Hanged Keen in reference to Doom II – MAP32: Grosse.

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But you have always known this is not all there is.

Have I mentioned that it’s October? No? Would you have noticed if I didn’t point it out just now? What’s that? You don’t need me to inform you of the functionality of the calendar year? Okay, whatever, just trying to share some joy.

Halloween joy, that is. All 31 days of it. Yep.

Okay, maybe not, too many Australians are spoil-sports about the whole skeleton-war thing for reasons I am yet to determine. Is it the fun aspect? Is Australia anti-fun?

But I digress.

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This time I’m not leaving without you.

Right now I am in recovery from an uncharacteristically busy weekend.

  • Friday was boring but productive, I spent the day cleaning all the things, wrapping presents and making beautiful artworks for Tech Support. These tasks were directly related to preparations for his birthday which was on Saturday.
  • When Tech Support got home on Friday he asked me a lot of bizarre questions which made little to no sense to me at the time.
  • Saturday was Tech Support’s birthday. He is old now. So old. I spammed his Facebook with beautiful artwork and took him out for lunch to Little Ramen Bar (it was very nice, especially the spicy bamboo shoots).
  • On the way home from lunch Tech Support made me detour to a place which seemed to relate to the questions he’d been asking the previous day. I was made to wait in the car for a few minutes and he returned with a suspicious envelope. He wouldn’t tell me what was inside. Naturally I assumed it contained illicit drugs.

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