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All we’ve ever wanted is to look good naked.

Two things:

  1. New and improved email address, it’s been updated in the usual places (about, contact, etc.) so, get on it if you happen to have the old one saved somewhere, in the off-chance you need to email me or whatever. Or don’t, truth be told it doesn’t really matter which one of my 473 email addresses you use, they all forward to the same handful of inboxes anyway. Real talk though, I don’t even have a good reason for having so many, not any more at least, but I guess that particular conversation is neither here nor there.
  2. I’ve taken to having “read more” cuts on all the blog entires, to save the main blog page from getting too long and cluttered. Also to hide anything of a more adult persuasion from slapping people in the face without fair warning first.

Speaking of adult content, it was my birthday some weeks ago and MaEmon has yet again provided a beautifully illustrated card…

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All I’ve got is what you didn’t take.

Next month is October. At the end of October is Halloween. If there’s one pseudo-holiday I get needlessly excited for, it’s Halloween.

As a child I never got particularly excited for it. If I recall correctly we went trick-or-treating maybe two or three times, but it just isn’t a terribly big event in Australia (despite the marketing attempts of many stores; but I don’t know, maybe times have changed since I was a kid).

Personally I think it’s kind of a shame, coming from a family that regularly celebrated mid-winter along with Christmas and Easter, that one of the seasonal holidays was more or less left out (and also a little confusing that everything is seasonally backwards in Australia; seriously, fertility in autumn and death in spring? Come on, guys).

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Couldn’t good be good enough?

Hey, so, uh… Not really sure how to start this one…?

Did you know I can’t ingest caffeine? I mean, I can (obviously, I could ingest a lot of things if I wanted to) but the results of doing so are less than enjoyable and could potentially prove lethal, so it’s in my best interest not to do so.
The fun part is working out exactly how much of that is an exaggeration.

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This time I’m not leaving without you.

Right now I am in recovery from an uncharacteristically busy weekend.

  • Friday was boring but productive, I spent the day cleaning all the things, wrapping presents and making beautiful artworks for Tech Support. These tasks were directly related to preparations for his birthday which was on Saturday.
  • When Tech Support got home on Friday he asked me a lot of bizarre questions which made little to no sense to me at the time.
  • Saturday was Tech Support’s birthday. He is old now. So old. I spammed his Facebook with beautiful artwork and took him out for lunch to Little Ramen Bar (it was very nice, especially the spicy bamboo shoots).
  • On the way home from lunch Tech Support made me detour to a place which seemed to relate to the questions he’d been asking the previous day. I was made to wait in the car for a few minutes and he returned with a suspicious envelope. He wouldn’t tell me what was inside. Naturally I assumed it contained illicit drugs.

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