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The devil’s on your back, but I know you can shake him off.

It isn’t exactly a secret that I’ve been wanting to rework my Commander Keen costume after busting him out for PAX Aus 2013 for the first time since 2011- and as of the recent Melbourne Zombie Shuffle, this has clearly been a successful endeavour.

Hanged Commander Keen.
Hanged Keen in reference to Doom II – MAP32: Grosse.

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Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.

Fact: I have been a huge South Park fan since way back and recently quit life to play their new game; The Stick of Truth.

tSoT title screen displayed with plush dolls.
Plush dolls from 1998, times sure have changed since then.

This is a game I’d been looking forward to for… quite a long time, which feels a little strange being that I’ve never had more than a passing interest in any of their previous ventures into videogame territory. Shows don’t always translate so well into games (or, for that matter, the other way around), not to mention that nagging fear that anything you look forward to will be underwhelming.

Thankfully this was not one of those occasions.

Warning for spoilers and inappropriate content which may or may not follow.

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