Take this pill, the doctor’s standing by.

The final gallery page, Synthetic Soul Corp. went up last week! The Asylum is now at a place which we can call, for better or for worse, “complete”.

Deepest apologies to those with a slow connection or utilising mobile devices, there are quite a lot of images on some of the gallery pages (Soul Corp. in particular has twice as many images as any of the other pages), as such, loading times can be a bit of a pain. In the future lazy loading is a thing that might happen, but for the time being I’m kind of burned out and will be taking a break to work on costumes and Separation Anxiety (which is looking good for release next month).

Maybe try to get that 30 days of porn meme finished too…

Day 21 - Sticky Situation
Day 21 – Sticky Situation

Some of the other pages have had some updates too, since I’ve got a bit of actual discernible free time now!

Some fanart, that didn’t get super weird!

Karkat Vantas and Dave Strider from Homestuck Karkat Vantas and Dave Strider from Homestuck
But does involve copious amounts of bromance because you know I’m a sucker for that.

Speaking of terrible Homestuck fanart and tediously relating that back to my preferred fanart method (cosplay) a new piece has been added to my Karkat costume:

DAVE: speaker crab
DAVE: man dont put me on speaker crab

The crabmunicator.

It is made out of polycaprolactone (Plastimake) which was moulded over a polystyrene base.

The base was just one of those polystyrene balls, about the size of my fist, cut in half.

Product placement and water spilled everywhere.
Basically sums up my life.

The arms/legs/pincers were each moulded separately, then left to cool, then dipped back in boiling water to join each piece together.

I used colour pellets in the plastic , but kind of failed at the colour mixing and ended up painting over the thing with acrylics after it had set. There were about 3 coats of paint before being finished with matte sealant spray.

The eyes are green fish tank pebbles which were glued on with PVA.

Wristband is a simple piece of cotton canvas, interfaced with a mid-weight fusing, which fastens via a polyester strap. The crab attaches to the wristband via Velcro (which was why a polystyrene base was used; the solid Plastimake would have been too heavy causing it to fall off). Velcro on the wristband was sewn on, but for the piece on the crab a combination of PVA and hot glue was used.

I sort of want to make some Prospit and God Tier pyjamas for Karkat at some point too. But we’ll see how the current workload goes first.