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Don’t let me promise you things I cannot do.

A word on my cosplay practices in relation to piercings:

hider jewellery
Hider jewellery.

When cosplaying as characters who don’t feature any visible piercings (and excluding the occasions where a degree of artistic liberty is taken), I utilise hider-jewellery for the big stupid holes in and around my face.

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Take this pill, the doctor’s standing by.

The final gallery page, Synthetic Soul Corp. went up last week! The Asylum is now at a place which we can call, for better or for worse, “complete”.

Deepest apologies to those with a slow connection or utilising mobile devices, there are quite a lot of images on some of the gallery pages (Soul Corp. in particular has twice as many images as any of the other pages), as such, loading times can be a bit of a pain. In the future lazy loading is a thing that might happen, but for the time being I’m kind of burned out and will be taking a break to work on costumes and Separation Anxiety (which is looking good for release next month).

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Have you ever wondered who you’re losing it for?

Three more pages have been finished in the gallery, they are: Fashion (which reminded me how much I hate moodboards- almost as much as I hate Fridays, though back then it was probably even worse because I was actively having to work on them and Fridays may have even been a relief), Other/Uncategorised (which kind of draws attention to the fact that I was experiencing some sort of existential crisis between the years of ’02-’05), and Winged Dogs (featuring my oldest and least consistent characters).

This leaves us with just one unfinished page to go! I am hoping to have it all done and uploaded early next week.

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