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I’ve lost control- I don’t want it back.

It’s that time of year again. That is, the time where I settle in for aestivation and pretend adult responsibilities don’t exist.

Me avoiding my responsibilities.

Sorry for the general absence. In particular I apologise for not updating the comic since… August? There are pages in progress, this is merely a case of neglect rather than all out abandonment, and I do intend on having at least one more up before the end of the year. If my intentions even hold any real value at all.

Things have actually been quite good recently (outside of the usual anxiety and heat-exhaustion this time of year brings; perhaps I should move to the northern hemisphere? If Christmas and summer didn’t coincide my coping mechanisms may not be stretched quite so thin). Or at least busy, which is why some things have been neglected; there is only so much time in any given day.

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Come take my pulse, the pace is like a runaway train.

Costume progress.

After some thought on the matter I decided to slip a couple of (very small) shoulder-pads into the Junior Warrant Officer Schrödinger shirt.

They are hand-stitched in place.

Some people have strong opinions on shoulder-pads, saying that they should not be used if you are feminine or have poor posture because all they really do is end up drawing attention to the fact, but if that were true then only male body-builders would ever bother getting a nicely tailored suit.

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