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But you have always known this is not all there is.

Have I mentioned that it’s October? No? Would you have noticed if I didn’t point it out just now? What’s that? You don’t need me to inform you of the functionality of the calendar year? Okay, whatever, just trying to share some joy.

Halloween joy, that is. All 31 days of it. Yep.

Okay, maybe not, too many Australians are spoil-sports about the whole skeleton-war thing for reasons I am yet to determine. Is it the fun aspect? Is Australia anti-fun?

But I digress.

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Round all the pieces up, but they just don’t fit the same.

So… about that whole other level of incompetency I’m known to experience when faced with any sort of construction pertaining to gloves…

Some months ago there was a costume party. It was briefly mentioned during the entry about hider-jewellery. Nothing to do with gloves, as my costume of choice did not involve gloves, right?


This is not about me.

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