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It’s easy to be angry at something that you don’t understand.

Every so often I think: “It sure would be swell to make stupid cosplay music videos!”

But then remember that I possess neither the appropriate technology nor organisational skills where it comes to other people- besides the fact that most of my peers are grown-ups with adult responsibilities who have little to no tolerance for childish hobbies anyway.

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When you’ve got no other choice you know you can follow my voice.

The Melbourne Zombie Shuffle was last Saturday so the better part of last week was spent putting the final touches on the costumes.

This year we got a small group together, cosplaying characters from the web comic Maggot Boy. Being about zombies it seemed appropriate- not to mention how much fun MaEmon and I had cosplaying two of the characters (Davey and Owen respectively) at Manifest back in August.

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We’re bound to linger on.

What up, losers? Insulting people is an appropriate way to begin a blog entry, yes?

Well, even in the event that it isn’t, I’ve made my choices and am committed to them, for better or for worse. Mostly worse.

Speaking of poor life choices that I’m committed to, Separation Anxiety, is still a thing that is somehow managing to still be happening! The prologue reached its conclusion some weeks ago and first chapter has since commenced.

Separation Anxiety (comic)
Updates are still on Thursdays.

But that isn’t really why I’m here today.

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All I’ve got is what you didn’t take.

Next month is October. At the end of October is Halloween. If there’s one pseudo-holiday I get needlessly excited for, it’s Halloween.

As a child I never got particularly excited for it. If I recall correctly we went trick-or-treating maybe two or three times, but it just isn’t a terribly big event in Australia (despite the marketing attempts of many stores; but I don’t know, maybe times have changed since I was a kid).

Personally I think it’s kind of a shame, coming from a family that regularly celebrated mid-winter along with Christmas and Easter, that one of the seasonal holidays was more or less left out (and also a little confusing that everything is seasonally backwards in Australia; seriously, fertility in autumn and death in spring? Come on, guys).

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Does anybody know right now exactly where you are?

Manifest was a full on weekend this year and after working so hard on costumes everything ended up coming together with barely a hitch in the road… barely…

On Friday I headed over relatively early, arriving somewhere in the vicinity of 10am. More or less I was simply there to get my bearings, see where everything was, pick up a show bag (mostly for the timetable) and do some minor shopping (which resulted in some DVDs and a cute alpaca toy for my mother who recently spent some time in hospital).

It’s one of the small sized “AlPacasso” toys. So cute!

Being in costume that day also involved a couple of hugs and photos (but not too many, since Fridays at Manifest tend to be pretty quiet).

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Have you ever wondered who you’re losing it for?

Three more pages have been finished in the gallery, they are: Fashion (which reminded me how much I hate moodboards- almost as much as I hate Fridays, though back then it was probably even worse because I was actively having to work on them and Fridays may have even been a relief), Other/Uncategorised (which kind of draws attention to the fact that I was experiencing some sort of existential crisis between the years of ’02-’05), and Winged Dogs (featuring my oldest and least consistent characters).

This leaves us with just one unfinished page to go! I am hoping to have it all done and uploaded early next week.

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